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Genrefication of the Fiction section

Posted by C.Steel on July 19, 2015 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

It is certainly a changing time for school libraries - and Leeming SHS Library is no different!

I attended a Summit presented by Shannon M Miller recently and was introduced to the concept of "Genrefication". The idea moves away from using the Dewey Decimal System and towards "Bookstore order".

Students reading habits are changing and there has definitely been a downturn in borrowing, so any ideas that can encourage reading are worth looking at. Many libraries are applying this Genrefication principle to the whole of the library but we have decided to only change the fiction section initially.  Instead of shelving novels alphabetically by the author's surname, novels will be shelved in interest genres or categories such as Animal, Humorous and Adventure stories.

Genrefication of the Fiction shelves at Leeming SHS

Firstly, we have completed a huge weed of the Fiction collection. The initial stages were pretty easy as there were a lot of really old, tatty, out-of-date and unread novels on the shelves. Once these books were withdrawn from the system, we put them out on tables for students, staff and parents to purchase at bargain prices of 50c each or three for $1. Interestingly, the students have loved finding a bargain and we have had many students sorting through the books.

This has been an ongoing process for the last four weeks of term and we have been able to give the collection a thorough weed.

In the meantime, we have sorted the novels into their genres on the shelves and had many discussions about the genres to include, with the following list being the latest.

Adventure stories

Animal stories

Australian stories



Graphic Novels

Horror stories

Humorous stories

Love stories

Mystery & Thriller stories

Picture Books

Quick Reads

Real life

Science Fiction

Senior Ficiton

Short Stories

Sports stories

War stories

New Genres added to collection

The genres previously called Adolescent - fiction and Family Relations - fiction have been combined and are now located in the genre "Real life". We felt this was a better fit for students looking for a book to read on anything from teenage friendships, personal /family issues through to relationships within a family.

We also felt that there needed to be an area where students could choose "Quick Reads". This suits students who are in for a single session of reading, younger readers, students with lower reading ability and also students who take longer to read a novel.

'Classics" has also been added to fit with the study of several classics in the Australian Curriculum

Term 3 will be focussed on physically setting the Findlay Area up, so that the area will be more appealing to the students and the 'Genrefication" transition will be completed.