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Bibliography Generators

 WHY?  Everyone needs to give credit to authors for their work

If you use another author's research WITHOUT giving credit - IT'S STEALING whether it is intentional or not

Simply generate a list of references used in your assignment

Cite This For Me is a great FREE Bibliography generator (Don't commit to a monthly subscription) - just remember to copy and paste your references as they won't be saved   (Uses Harvard format )

Simple steps to Auto generate your Bibliography using….. 

CiteThisforme.com when you have completed all your research.

  1. Choose media type (Top left hand) – Website, book, journal?
  2. Add URL (web address) or book title
  3. Auto cite
  4. Enter ALL of your references one at a time
  5. Go to the top left of the middle of the page – click on COPY & PASTE
  6. Open a Premium account – No thanks
  7. Click on Reference, when it highlights – control c
  8. Open Word doc and  at the end of your assignment - control v
  9. You have this account for 1 week

A great site for generating a Bib for your assignment Also an excellent site to check plagiarism

Another good bibliography generator. 

Click on site, Bookmark it on your computer, Register then use it for ALL assignments

(Uses APA format)

What is Harvard Generator?

Harvard Generator is a free tool that allows you to quickly and easily format references and sources in the correct Harvard Referencing Format.

How do I use it?

Simply click the tabs above, fill out the form and press Generate.  Easy!

(Uses Harvard format )

 Writing a Bibliography

Bibliography examples


  • A bibliography is a list of the references you have used when writing your assignment.
  •  It should be included with every assignment.
  •  Arrange your references in alphabetical order by author?s surname or by title if there is no author.




                Butler, J.E. (2007) Natural disasters Rigby Heinemann, Melbourne.



         Encyclopedias, Dictionaries etc.


              Volcanoes (2010) Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, vol. 10, pp 738- 739, Kingfisher Books,




          Periodical/Magazine Articles


                Joyce, C. (2008)  Volcano prediction was bang on New Scientist, vol 50, no. 5, p9.

            If there is no author

            Volcano destroys village. (2010) New Scientist, vol.5, no.5, p3.


            Newspaper Articles

            Noble, T. (2012) Doubts on human clones. The West Australian,

            8 April, p5.



          Audio-visual items - DVDs, CD-ROMs etc.


                Natural disasters, (2009) (video recording) Video Classroom, NSW.


            Volcano (2009) Encarta 2005 (CD-ROM) Microsoft, Redmond,  Washington.



            On-line information

         Smith, J. (2008) Volcano World, Australian Museum, Sydney.

           <http://www.volcano.wa.edu.au> [Accessed 21 Feb 2009].






Remember to arrange your references in alphabetical order by author's surname or, if there is no author, by  title.                                                             
Below is an example of a Bibliography:-




Butler, J. E. (2007) Natural disasters, Rigby Heinemann, Melbourne


Joyce, C. (2008) Volcano prediction was bang on, New Scientist, vol.50, No. 5, p.9


Natural disasters, (2009) [video recording] Video Classroom, NSW.


Noble, T. (2012) Doubts on human clones, The West Australian, 8 April, p5


Smith, J. (2008) Volcano World, Australian Museum, Sydney. <http://www.volcano.wa.edu.au> [Accessed 21 Feb 2009].


Volcano (2009) Encarta 1995 [CD-ROM] Microsoft, Redmond, Washington.


 Volcano destroys village. (2010) New Scientist, vol. 5, no. 5, p3


Volcanoes (2010) Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, vol.10, pp738-739, Kingfisher Books, London


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