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Bring Your Own Device

 Leeming SHS’s ICT Vision Statement


To advance and support the teaching and learning of staff and students at Leeming SHS through the effective application of information communication technologies (ICT).


At Leeming SHS, we envisage using technology to further a learning community where:


The school becomes an environment where all students and staff have ready access to a full range of current technology, software tools, and applications. The school has knowledgeable staff and external resources (such as parents, community members, business, higher education, and network resources) to further the curriculum goals.


Students utilizing this opportunity to its fullest capacity within school expectations will find numerous benefits to instruction, resources, completion of assignments and personal organization.  Leeming SHS encourages all students to participate in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme

 2019 Preferred device - Surface Pro or Surface Go

There are two methods of purchasing a device.

1. Purchase from a supplier of your choice

2. Leeming SHS has a preferred supplier JB Education.

     Website :  https://www.jbeducation.com.au/byod/

 Password  :  leemingshs2019

Parents select which JB HiFi store they wish their device to be delivered to for pick up


Minimum Specifications Required

You may decide that you would prefer to purchase your device from an alternative supplier.  If this is the case, please ensure that the device meets the minimum specifications, as outlined in the policy (page 5)or see below, and also that you are aware of the service and warranty arrangements. Mac Books do connect to the school network but they do have restricted functionality in some tasks.

Only computers meeting the minimum specification provided by the school will be able to be connected to the school’s network.  Whilst at school, students must connect to the school’s network (this allows access to the Internet and other network facilities). 


To enable the best education outcomes and connection to our school network, the minimum specifications are:


  •  Windows 10
  • Touch screen preferred
  • Digital Pen enabled (to allow handwriting)Optional
  • Long battery life (ie minimum of 4 hours)


Please note : NOT Windows RT, as it is too restrictive on the network

We suggest a tablet with an attachable keyboard; however a notebook meeting the requirements will also be accepted.