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Classroom performance

How can you improve your performance in the classroom?            

Improve your attention in class

Did you know that most of your learning happens in the classroom

Take notice and work consistently in the classroom so that you don't have to do it at home later

Listen to what is going on around you

Do your listening skills need improving?  If you sometimes have trouble concentrating while listening to a speaker, read these hints below.


1.        KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN for something interesting. Challenge yourself to find at least one new fact each lesson.  Bear with the speaker.  Remember, not everyone may be at the same stage as you.


2.       JUDGE THE CONTENT of what is said, not the way it is said.  Everyone knows some speakers are more interesting than others.


3.       AVOID DISTRACTIONS.  If your can't hear, do something about it.  Ask the speaker  

          to speak up or your classmates to be quiet.


4.       HOLD YOUR FIRE.  Keep your questions till the speaker has finished.


5.       SEEK NEW IDEAS.  If the topic is completely new to you, pay close attention.  You don't   

          know yet if it is interesting or not.


6.        BE FLEXIBLE.  Don't get distracted or go to sleep when the speaker gets off the  subject.


7.        LOOK at the speaker and sit up straight.


8.        EVEN WHEN YOU DISAGREE, keep an open mind.


9.         USE YOUR MIND.  Listen and try to understand even when you are having trouble.


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