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Digital Storytelling

Try creating your own digital story using one of these tools
Simply click on the link that looks like it suits your task.
Have fun!
 Comic Master allows users to create graphic novels and stories to share with others. It provides everything from templates to sharing tools, you just put in your ideas and creativity. 
 Animoto lets you create 30 second videos for free. These videos can combine images, songs, and text.
 Smilebox provides hundreds of customizable designs for students and teachers to create their own stories that can comprise photos, videos, words and music.
   Piclits allows students to create stories stimulated by a picture chosen form a digital library. You can choose from an extensive word list that helps to stimulate your ideas.
 Storybird allows students and teachers to create short art inspired stories to read, share or print out.         

 Picture Book Maker lets you create children's books using a collection of templates and pages.

 Makebeliefscomix.com allows you to make comics quickly and easily