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FACEBOOK, TWITTER & BLOGGING - Tips to keep safe

1. Secure your site - Make sure your Privacy rights are set up so that only the people you want to read your Facebook entries are able to. Facebook often updates their universal privacy settings for all users. It is important that you update as well otherwise you may be sharing more information than you realise.

2. Have a STRONG password. Most email and social media hacking is caused through easily identifiable passwords.

3. Make sure you don't use identifying details or overshare your life. These may include: your full name, address or anyone elses. Also, places that you go to often and the times. 

4. Don't accept friend requests from people you don't know and think twice about accepting friend requests from people you have only met briefly.

5. Don't post photos from your iphone as they can be tracked easily by others

6. If you are going away on holidays, make sure you don't say the exact date you are leaving or where you are going

7. Be aware that apps that Facebook hosts are another way to get personal information


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