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Leeming Library Resources

Leeming's library database is Destiny which lists all of the

resources in the Library. You are able to access Destiny both

at home and at school.

If you wish to do a quick keyword search, double click on Destiny

Access eBooks & e-Databases through your Search on Destiny




Password- 1library is the password for all students

Search here for concise and up-to-date information

Information on any country you can think of.

More ebooks here for you to check out whether at school or at home.

Login - leemingshs 
Password - 1library is the password for all students


National Library of Australia

Written by Australians - For Australians about Australia

Trove helps you find and use resources relating to Australia. It's more than a search engine.

Trove brings together content from libraries, museums, archives and other research organisations and gives you tools to explore and build. 

 Find and get over 390,815,994 Australian and online resources:

Online newspapers

The West Australian

Newspapers      (All Australian newspapers)  

News (World newspapers)

ePlatform - e-Books to read on your own device.

Simply search the Destiny library database - see the E symbol for e-Book, click on it.

Login - Your school username 

Password - 1library is the password for all students.

You will have 2 weeks to read your e-Book before it returns itself

*** Go straight to the ePlatform website

*** You can download the app ePlatform by wheelers books and browse the Leeming SHS Library e-Book library


You can watch videos at home on your BYOD 

You might get an email or Notice on Connect from your teacher with the link to a specific video they would like you to watch

1 Login - Your school email (user.name@student.education.wa.edu.au)

2 Leeming SHS

3 Enter your school username and school password.

Creative Commons is an international non-profit organisation that provides free licences and tools that copyright owners can use to allow others to share, reuse and remix their material, legally. Releasing material under a CC licence makes it clear to users what they can or cannot do with the material. The six standardised CC licences each allow material to be used in a different way.


What are Library Research Guides?

• Research Guides provide a starting point, guiding you to information resources on a specific topic
•They will narrow down your search for information – creating a clearer path towards relevant information
•They will save you time and frustration searching and help you find the really good stuff quickly